Bespoke Conservation

We work closely with our clients to deliver beautiful handcrafted frames with conservation at the core of our practise. We provide a range of custom wood finishes, stains, gilded, waxed, metal, sprayed and all manner of custom requests.

Bleached walnut frame

Our Primary Finishes

Each finish is hand crafted to carefully reveal the qualities of the artwork in harmony with the frame. 

By executing the highest standards in conservation methods and the most relevant museum conservation research we ensure each project is delivered to the highest specification.

Read on for some popular options for materials and finishes.

Walnut frame Jeremy Deller


Oak, Maple, American Black Walnut, Sapele, Cherry, Beech, and Tulip are just some of the sublime woods we work with. We harness the unique qualities and grains of each wood, embracing them as the natural materials they are to to compliment your artwork.
We also create Tray frames designed for works on canvas and float inside.
Archetype accommodates all sorts of unusual asks.
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This is a high-end, smooth finish, widely used for contemporary artworks. It is mainly used with wood; but not restrictive to, there are hundreds of colours and sheens available, there are endless ways to play with colour to complement your artwork.

We only use water-based lacquers and primers for environmental reasons. This also adds to the overall conservation of the frame, with no solvents near the artwork.

red sprayed frame
Polished aluminium frame brushed side


At archetype we specialise in fabricate custom-welded aluminium frames. They provide a stronger and slimmer design, especially for larger scale artworks.

  • Our powder coated frames provide a durable finish with hundreds of colours and sheens available to choose from.
  • Our polished aluminium frames are created to the highest level of craftsmanship achieving a sophisticated finish.
  • We can tailor requests for other materials.


Past work

Various examples of framing materials and techniques.