Bespoke conservation framing, Artist studio support, Fabrication, Exhibition installation.

Our Services

Damien Hurst Skateboard


Utilising our wealth of carpentry skills and well-equipped workshop, we offer many bespoke solutions for all aspects of the art industry


custom canvas stretchers, constructed with wood or aluminium.


stretching/ priming canvases. Wood panels, custom request


fabricate plinths with various materials, with unlimited finishes

Specialist Exhibition Installation

We work with big national public galleries/exhibitions and private clients, providing a range of install and de-install services


Books, artefacts and artworks into exhibition spaces


Consultation on how to display artefacts safely


Book cradles fabricated with Perspex/ Board

Tary Simon Exhibition
gilded samples lower res

Bespoke Conservation Framing

With a specialist knowledge of conservation, we offer a complete service with unlimited finishes, materials and high end quality framing.



range of custom wood finishes,

stains, gilded, waxed.


welded aluminium frames with powder coated finishes. Polished and brushed finishes.


water based solid high-end finish. 100’s of colours and sheen levels.

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About Us

Archetype was started in 2015 in Gloucestershire by myself, Lily Cheetham, and my partner, Matt Curtis. It was born from our shared love of art, and developed using experience spent working in various parts of the art world. We love working for ourselves and use our range of skills and knowledge to produce bespoke creative picture frames/exhibition installation and specialist fabrication services.

Our wonderful workshop is based in Stroud, a creative town in itself. We have worked with national public galleries and commercial, international artists and collectors alike.


Our Sustainability Goals

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by implementing the following key values in our daily practices


Conservation is sustainability at work, we work with adhesives and careful framing methods to ensure no future damage to the artwork is likely to occur.

Reduce Waste

Where possible we make sure we produce as little waste as possible, including our offcuts of glass and wood. We research how to most efficiently separate a sheet.


We try to recycle as much of our waste output as possible, donating offcuts of paper and mountboard to schools, artists, and parents.


When sourcing sundries and any other products we will judge its effectiveness against its longevity and its recyclability.


We only use water-based primers and lacquers for our sprayed frame finishes. The environmental impact is considerably less and results in a better finish, as it is less likely to have the yellowing colour in the finishes often associated with solvent lacquers.


We try to strike a balance when it comes to wood selection for frames, aiming to choose the best pieces of wood whilst still appreciating the natural elements of the material. Despite small organic imperfections, the frames are still beautiful.

What Our Clients Say

We pride ourselves on providing a unique and tailored service for all our clients and collaborators.

Archetype Team

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